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Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S will arrive on November 10th in new official trailer

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The next-gen of Xbox starts on November 10th

Microsoft made its Xbox Series S console official today after a round of leaks appeared overnight. Now, the company is confirming the new $299 console will arrive on November 10th. That’s the same date that the Xbox Series X is rumored to launch. The trailer also leaked earlier today, confirming support for up to 120fps at 1440p, ray tracing, and a 512GB SSD.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed full specs for the Xbox Series S just yet, but the cheaper (and smaller) console is designed to target 1440p gaming at around 4 teraflops of performance. We understand the Xbox Series S will share the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, making this a surprisingly cheap entry point into next-gen gaming later this year.

We’ll need to learn a lot more about the graphical performance of the Xbox Series S, but the only immediately and obvious hardware drawback is the 512GB of storage. This could be a challenge for some, especially as modern games regularly exceed the 100GB mark. Microsoft will likely counter this with smaller assets at game download, and it’s likely the Xbox Series S will include the same removable storage port found on the larger Xbox Series X. Microsoft isn’t using a disc drive in the Xbox Series S, so storage expansion will be a necessity.

Microsoft is promising more information on the Xbox Series S soon, so it won’t be long until we know a lot more about Microsoft’s tiny next-gen Xbox console.