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Ad-supported Hulu is only $2 for college students

Ad-supported Hulu is only $2 for college students


It will remain $2 for as long as you’re a student, too

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Image: Hulu

Keeping up with every single streaming service is an expensive affair, but Hulu is offering US college students a special discounted plan at $2 a month. Typically, Hulu’s ad-supported plan costs $5.99 a month. The new student plan, which is an evergreen offer and will run for the same price as long as students can verify their continued enrollment, offers more than a 65 percent discount. Students can sign up for the offer now.

Hulu has made offers like this in the past for general subscribers (not just college students), but those were limited time deals. Hulu’s Black Friday sale, for example, saw the cost go down to $2 a month for an entire year. These are all for ad-supported plans, though. Hulu’s ad-free plan remains much more costly, coming in at $11.99 a month and putting it on the same pricing shelf as Netflix ($13.99 a month for its most popular plan) and HBO Max ($14.99 a month).

Still, for college students just looking to watch new FX shows on Hulu or dig into bad reality TV or procedural drama marathons, it’s a pretty good deal. Hulu also now allows people to join in on watch parties, which allow subscribers to watch shows and movies together while apart. The only downside (other than having to deal with ads) is that Hulu’s discounted tier doesn’t allow offline viewing, so don’t expect to watch episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale on the go.