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Targus announces an antimicrobial keyboard light and backpack

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Clean hands, clean back

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Image: Targus

Targus is an accessory manufacturer that’s been around for a long time, and its slate of CES products this year center on three main themes: portability, sustainability, and, of course, staying healthy during a pandemic (via Engadget).

The UV-C LED Disinfection light uses UV light to kill microbes on anything in its cleaning area.
Image: Targus

The company’s banner products for pandemic health are the 2Office antimicrobial backpack and the UV-C LED Disinfection Light. The light is designed to sit above your keyboard and mouse and bathe them in UV-C light to help eliminate microorganisms that may be kicking around on your high-touch accessories. It automatically turns on for five minutes every hour, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it interrupting your work: it uses motion sensors to detect if you’re using your computer, and will wait to begin its cleaning cycle until you’re away.

If you’re not interested in a UV light to clean off your keyboard and mouse (though, really, it could be used for anything), Targus also announced that it’s working on antimicrobial mice and keyboards.

The backpack and tablet cases promise to kill microbes on “key touchpoints.”
Image: Targus

The 2Office backpack, which can hold laptops that are up to 17.3 inches, has an antimicrobial coating on “key touchpoints.” The bag could be useful if you have to go out in a pandemic, but I can think of other uses for an antimicrobial bag when travel starts back up again. (Who else has felt weird hanging their backpack on a bathroom door?) If you’re not looking for an entirely new backpack, the company also announced antimicrobial tablet cases, along with antimicrobial privacy screens for select computer monitors.

The company has also announced a dock and rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3. The dock uses Samsung’s DeX software that lets you connect the tablet to a monitor for a more desktop-like experience. For iPad owners, Targus has also announced an EcoSmart case, which is made out of recycled materials.

Finally, Targus has announced new antimicrobial privacy screens, which cost anywhere between $35 and $185, depending on the devices they are meant for. The screens are available now, with the rest of the announced devices coming this spring. Currently, no prices or exact dates have been provided for those.