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iBuyPower’s compact Revolt 3 MK3 PC case packs in a handle and lots of ventilation

iBuyPower’s compact Revolt 3 MK3 PC case packs in a handle and lots of ventilation


This seems like a solid case for people who struggle with cable management

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Volume warning: this video really hits the ground running with loud music

iBuyPower announced a new 18.34-liter small form factor PC case at CES 2021 called the Revolt 3 MK3. I’m not sure what I find so enthralling about it, but it’s the kind of case I’d find myself staring at for an embarrassing amount of time if I were in the market to upgrade my build. (Maybe I am, after all.) If you’re a fan of minimalist cases like me, with next to no added LEDs, you might find yourself under the spell of this case, too.

Okay, I also really like its top-mounted handle. It’s not like I move my PC around a lot, though it would make it far easier and safer to carry this around when I need to give it a deep cleaning or swap some of the tech inside. Beyond the handle’s utility, it reminds me of the Nintendo GameCube — if the handle were attached to a chassis that’s far more refined than that console’s actual devkit.

The Revolt 3 MK3 will come in black or white.
Image: iBuyPower

This case design isn’t entirely original. The Lian Li TU150 is a beloved small form factor (mini ITX) option for people who want a small PC with a handle on top, and it’s not like there aren’t other solid choices that arrive sans handle (Velocity Micro, Silverstone, and Sliger, to name a few). The Revolt 3 MK3’s huge amount of ventilation gives it a unique look. Beyond how it looks, each side of the machine can be removed for cleaning, and to make cable management easier to manage. The Revolt 3 MK3’s retractable headphone hook is a thoughtful feature, too.

You’ll be able to purchase this case sometime in the second quarter of the year filled with some pre-selected components from iBuyPower, including a 700W 80 Plus Gold SFX-L power supply that’s just below the suggested 750W for the Nvidia RTX 3080. The AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and cards below in both AMD and Nvidia’s field should be covered with this power supply for the pre-built crowd. At launch, the company hasn’t actually shared what other specs you’ll be able to have crammed in.

iBuyPower Revolt 3 MK3
An exploded view of the Revolt 3 MK3 shows that it’s likely very good at catching dust.
Image: iBuyPower

Alternatively, you’ll have the option to purchase just the case alone in black or white (it supports swappable parts so you can mix white and black how you please), and you can fit an ITX motherboard inside with all of the components you desire. It can actually fit GPUs as big as Nvidia’s RTX 3090, so you can make yourself a powerful machine in this case if you have the right power supply. The company hasn’t shared a price for the case by itself. You can find even more specs for the case on iBuyPower’s site.