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Gigabyte announces new midrange gaming line powered by AMD’s Ryzen processors

Gigabyte announces new midrange gaming line powered by AMD’s Ryzen processors


The Gigabyte Gaming line includes Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3000 GPUs

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Two Gigabyte G7 models perpendicular to each other. The front model is angled slightly backwards with the Gigabyte G7 logo displayed on the screen. The back is slightly closed.
The Gigabyte G7 includes up to a 10th-Gen Intel Core i7.

Gigabyte makes some of the best gaming- and creator-focused laptops you can get. But some of its most exciting 2021 releases aren’t its flagship models.

Say hello to the new Gigabyte Gaming line, a slew of midrange gaming laptops aimed at younger consumers. “Gigabyte Gaming series target Gen Z and Millennial users, by offering up machines built for ‘multitasking’ and meeting multiple needs at once, whether it’s learning, commerce, gaming or content creation,” Gigabyte announced in its press release.

The big news is that two of the new Gigabyte Gaming models, the A5 and the A7, are among Gigabyte’s first laptops to include AMD’s Ryzen mobile processors. Specifically, they’re outfitted with the brand-new Ryzen 5000H mobile series. They also include Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3000 series.

Starting at $999 and $1,399 respectively, the 15-inch A5 and 17-inch A7 seem positioned to compete with the likes of Dell’s G5 and Lenovo’s Legion 5i. The former, also powered by Ryzen, delivers excellent performance and not-horrendous battery life — Verge reviewer Cameron Faulkner called it “incredibly capable for the price.” Since we haven’t yet gotten our hands on a Ryzen 5000H or GeForce RTX 3000 chip yet, we can’t yet say what kinds of performance gains you can expect from the A5 and A7 over those products.

The Gigabyte G7 keyboard seen from above with orange backlighting.
Colorful backlit keyboard on the Gigabyte G7.
Image: Gigabyte

Specs-wise, the laptops pair those chips with either a 144Hz or 240Hz display. And they adopt Gigabyte’s Windforce cooling system, which includes “anti-turbulence inclined fans, ultra quiet PWM fan and pure copper heat pipe.” The result, Gigabyte says, will be “a sensational experience in both gaming and visual entertainment.” Both models include an SD card slot as well.

Two Gigabyte G5 models perpendicular to each other. One facing the camera displays the Gigabyte G5 logo. The one facing away is slightly closed. Both display a backlit orange keyboard.
And here’s the Gigabyte G5, also with a colorful keyboard.
Image: Gigabyte

One of Gigabyte’s most acclaimed midrange laptops of 2020 was the Aorus 5. The 15-incher received strong reviews for its decent keyboard, good gaming performance, and neat design: “Its edgy aesthetic even looks a little dangerous,” wrote Katie Wickens of PCGamer. But it had battery life issues, even for a gaming laptop — TechRadar only got an hour and a half.

However, that model was powered by the Intel Core i7-10750H, and battery life is one area where AMD’s Ryzen mobile processors tended to excel over Intel’s last year. If the Ryzen 5000 series continues that trend, the A5 and A7 could hopefully be an improvement in that category.

Intel fans, never fear. Gigabyte also announced the new G5 and G7, which are powered by 10th Gen Intel processors. The company writes: “From gig work to game time, the GIGABYTE G5 and G7 offers unrestricted performance made for more. More gaming, more production, more entertainment with reliability, power and speed, engineered ... to meet the new demands of the ‘new normal.’”

The Gigabyte G5 angled away from the camera, half closed, with the Gigabyte logo visible.
Gigabyte says the G5 is suitable for “casual gamers.”
Image: Gigabyte

The G5 starts at $1,099; the G7 will not be available in the US. The A5 and A7 start at $999 and $1,399, respectively, and will be available around the end of February.