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Super Mario 3D World will launch in February alongside a new Nintendo Switch color

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Disclaimer: Switch will not fix your pipes

Super Mario 3D World, an enhanced version of the original game that bundles in a new expansion called Bowser’s Fury, will launch on February 12th for the Switch. Nintendo announced the news today along with a new Mario Red & Blue Edition console.

The upgraded version of Super Mario 3D World features both online and local co-op for up to four players. The special edition Switch, modeled after Mario’s plumber outfit, will be available at select retailers for $299.99. In addition to a carrying case and red Joy-Con controllers with blue trim, the Switch itself is red — a first for the typically all-black console. Nintendo is also selling new amiibo figures of Cat Mario and Cat Peach.

Nintendo revealed the game’s arrival on the Switch last fall alongside news of other classic game returns for Mario’s 35th anniversary. As part of that anniversary, Nintendo is also holding special challenges available to players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. The first challenge asks players to collectively defeat 3.5 million Bowsers in-game.