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Samsung’s object eraser will let you remove people from the background of your photos

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The One UI 3 feature helps you take randos out of your images with a single tap

Image: Samsung

Samsung revealed new One UI 3 details at today’s Unpacked event, including an interesting new photo trick called object eraser, which lets you delete people from the backgrounds of your images. After a photo is taken, you can simply tap on the people you want to remove, and AI will (in theory) do the rest.

If it works well — and that’s a big if — this is no small feat. Removing an element from a photo and intelligently filling in the background to replace it would be similar to what Adobe does with its Content-Aware Fill tool. We wouldn’t expect this feature to perform quite on that level, but it’s a tricky problem usually left to sophisticated image editing software to solve. If Samsung can pull this off convincingly, it’ll be a good trick.

Video: Samsung

This feature will be available first on Samsung’s S21 series phones, but it should come to compatible Galaxy devices with an Android 11 update early this year.