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Hitman 3 players on Google Stadia will be able to share custom scenarios with just a URL

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You’ll be able to share missions and scenarios from the entire World of Assassination trilogy

A screenshot from Hitman 3.
Image: IO Interactive

Hitman 3 and the World of Assassination trilogy launch on January 20th, and at launch, Google Stadia players will be able to share access to distinct points within a game thanks to Stadia’s State Share feature.

With State Share in Hitman, you’ll be able to share a link alongside an image or video from your game. Then, others can click on it to try the scenario you were playing for themselves. There are multiple “states” of missions you can share to customize the experience, including a mission’s starting location, the objectives, Agent 47’s loadout, and difficulty level.

The feature works with any campaign or custom mission, and you’ll even be able to use weapons or items that you haven’t unlocked yet if a game state is ahead of your own progression, Stadia product manager Catherine Hsiao said in a blog post.

The sharing screen for State Share in Hitman.
Image: Google

The feature opens up a lot of exciting possibilities for the Hitman games. Players could send custom scenarios back and forth to each other, for example, or live-streamers could challenge their viewers to try out a particularly difficult mission or specific assassination style they just broadcast live. It’s a feature that’s unique to Stadia, despite the game also launching on consoles and PC.

State Share isn’t the only boundary-pushing technology coming to Hitman 3 and the World of Assassination trilogy. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you’ll also be able to play through every location from all three Hitman games in virtual reality.