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Lego Vidiyo is a new augmented reality-powered version of TikTok — for your Minifigures

Launching on March 1st in partnership with Universal Music Group

Lego is launching a new, augmented reality social video service called Vidiyo that will let users create their own music videos and dance clips and share them with friends, all while applying their own effects and styles to the videos.

It sounds a lot like TikTok but aimed at younger children with strict moderation built in, and a Lego twist that makes most of the UI built in real-world Lego bricks instead of toggles in an app.

To create a Vidiyo, users will have to download the app and select a song (the toy company is partnering with Universal Music Group, so there will be a wide variety of licensed songs from actual bands to choose from, like 5 Seconds of Summer or Imagine Dragons).

A Lego Vidiyo character with BeatBits
Photo: Lego

But instead of just selecting a filter and dancing away, kids will instead scan a Lego Minifigure to star in the video, along with any Lego “BeatBit” tiles — 2 x 2 bricks that unlock the various digital AR effects in the app. Then, kids will be able to dance away to the music — alongside a full-sized version of their Lego character in AR — before editing and sharing the clip.

One of the key aspects that Lego hopes will set Vidiyo apart, though, is its content moderation. All content uploaded to the app has to pass a moderation test first, and any content that features “personally identifying information” — like real people in a video — won’t be allowed to be uploaded. (Although kids will still be able to watch their videos starring themselves locally.)

BeatBit tiles for Lego Vidiyo
Photo: Lego

There’s still a lot of information that Lego hasn’t revealed yet about Vidiyo, including how much sets will cost, but the company does promise that more information will be on the way before the first Lego Vidiyo products launch on March 1st.