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Pinterest is the latest app to add a carousel of stories to its home screen

Pinterest is the latest app to add a carousel of stories to its home screen


Looks familiar

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Pinterest now displays a row of stories at the top of its home screen when you open up the app. It’s an interface that should look familiar to anyone who has used a social media app in the past few years: it’s the same tack taken by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and plenty more. The change will start appearing today on iOS and Android.

“Story Pins” were introduced to Pinterest in September. They worked like pretty much any other story format, with short videos posted back to back that you could tap to move between. Where they differed most was how you found them: Story Pins appeared like any other post on Pinterest, as just another box on various grids of pins.

Now, those Story Pins will have an easier time standing out. They’ll appear at the top of the home screen, and the app will even suggest stories from creators you aren’t following. The change ought to boost engagement on stories, and it’ll likely encourage creators to start posting stories to the app even more, too. Pinterest’s stories aren’t ephemeral like most other apps’, so once creators make them, the videos will stick around and build up a library for the service to keep promoting.

Pinterest still has one big limitation around Story Pins, though: not everyone can create them. They remain limited to approved businesses and creators for now.