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Apple is bringing iCloud Keychain support to Chrome for Windows, but it’s not ready yet

Apple is bringing iCloud Keychain support to Chrome for Windows, but it’s not ready yet


It’s a feature many users want, but it’s not quite here yet

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Image of the iCloud for Windows screen, with the new Passwords option

Users caught between Apple and Microsoft may now have an easier time managing passwords: it looks like iCloud Keychain is coming to Windows 10 as a Chrome extension (via MacRumors). It’s already in the iCloud for Windows 10 app, but there’s just one small problem: the Chrome Extension isn’t available yet.

The latest version of iCloud for Windows 10 includes “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” in the list of new features, and when you open the app, there’s a new Passwords-syncing option. Checking the box will cause a login prompt to come up, along with a request for two-factor authentication. According to Apple’s support page, you’ll need to have two-factor turned on for your account to have access to the feature, which is probably a good choice since, in theory, you’re going to be syncing all of your passwords.

I say “in theory” because after you log in again, you’re prompted to download the iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome. However, the download button just takes you to a 404 page, and searching the Chrome Web Store for the extension doesn’t turn up anything. It seems like Apple may have launched the iCloud for Windows update a little prematurely.

Windows dialog box informing the user that they have to download the iCloud Passwords extension
A Google 404 page
This is not the extension I was promised.

Hopefully the Chrome extension will be available soon, as having access to iCloud Keychain on Windows would make life a lot easier for people who use it on their iPhones, iPads, or Macs. However, if you simply can’t wait, you could always switch to a dedicated password manager. Of course, moving all of your passwords would be a pain if you’re already using iCloud Keychain, so you may be better off just waiting a little bit longer.