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    New trailers: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Ginny & Georgia, Young Rock and more

    New trailers: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Ginny & Georgia, Young Rock and more


    Plus The Courier with Benedict Cumberbatch

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    Dwayne Johnson in Young Rock
    Dwayne Johnson in Young Rock

    I think I’m in Ted Lasso withdrawal, you guys; no other shows are quite working for me since I finished it. I just started season 2 of Servant, though, thinking maybe I needed a genre-switch. Servant is still creepy, and Lauren Ambrose’s Dorothy is still both totally unlikeable and totally sympathetic at the same time, which is a marvelous bit of character development. We’ll see how things go, but chances are I’m just going to re-binge Ted again.

    This week’s trailers are a nice mixed bag of comedy, teen romance, and spy thriller. Also The Rock!

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    So the trailer gets the obvious out of the way early on— it’s about is a teenager stuck in a repeating time loop a la “Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow,” as lead character Mark tells his friend— but I got a very The Fault in Our Stars vibe here. Mark meets Margaret, also stuck in the time loop and they try to find all the tiny things that make the day perfect. There’s a twist, according to the official description (I mean there always is), and I hope it’s not that their love is somehow doomed because they’re really adorable. Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen star in The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, which comes to Amazon Prime Video February 12th.

    The Courier

    Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this movie based on the true story of British businessman Greville Wynne, who helped MI6 and the CIA infiltrate the Soviet Union’s nuclear program during the Cold War even though he had no prior experience as a spy. Love it, I need me some good spy action, TV just hasn’t been the same since The Americans ended. The Courier is due in theaters March 19th.

    Ginny & Georgia

    I so appreciate when shows and movies get all meta and tell you “yes, we know this reminds you of that other thing but bear with us, we are different.” Ginny & Georgia is the story of a quirky former teenage mother and her shy, quiet daughter who move to a small town in New England. Their names are not Lorelai and Rory, though; Brianne Howey who plays Georgia (the mom) flat out says “we’re like the Gilmore Girls but with bigger boobs.” Oh-kay? The trailer actually reminded me more of Little Fires Everywhere, because there are definitely some bad shenanigans in Georgia’s past. Antonia Gentry also stars in Ginny & Georgia, which debuts on Netflix February 24th.

    Young Rock

    Is there anyone more charismatic than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? I mean wrestling fans used to cheer for him even when he was the heel! I think it’s the eyebrow, tbh. Young Rock is the story of the wrestler/actor/athlete in his early years (his dad was also a wrestler?!), as he runs for president in the year 2032 (I mean, why not?). Uli Latukefu, who plays The Rock as a teenager, bears an uncanny resemblance to the man himself. Young Rock also stars Johnson, Stacey Leilua, and Adrian Groulx. It premieres February 16th on NBC.