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Google’s unlocked Pixel 4A 5G will soon be available in white

Google’s unlocked Pixel 4A 5G will soon be available in white


Same $499 price, coming on January 28th

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Up until this point, Google’s unlocked Pixel 4A 5G has only been available in black for those who want the unlocked phone. A white option was exclusive to Verizon’s more expensive version of the device — more expensive because it includes millimeter-wave 5G. But soon, Google will be releasing a white model of the standard $499 unlocked Pixel 4A 5G for people who don’t want to pay the mmWave tax.

I was browsing B&H Photo earlier today when I noticed a listing for it, clearly labeled as a “new release.” Since there are photos of the phone, this didn’t seem to be a mistake — and Google has since confirmed to The Verge that the unlocked white Pixel 4A 5G will begin shipping on January 28th. Aesthetically, it’s identical to the Verizon version with a mint green power button. But you’re still only getting sub-6 5G — no surprise considering it’s the regular price.

There were some decent discounts and sales on the Pixel 4A 5G over the holidays, so some of you might be bummed about making a purchase before this one came around. But at least you saved some cash. 

If you’re keeping score, with the release of this version, that means the 2020 Pixel lineup will now be available in these color choices:

Pixel 5, $699

Pixel 4A 5G UW, $599
Black (with millimeter-wave 5G), Verizon exclusive
White (with millimeter-wave 5G), Verizon exclusive

Pixel 4A 5G, $499
Black (unlocked, sub-6 5G only)
White (unlocked, sub-6 5G only)

Pixel 4A, $349
Blue, Google Store exclusive