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Listen to our Windows 11 and Microsoft Surface roundtable

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Our new Tuesday episodes of The Vergecast

Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

On Tuesdays for the remainder of the year, The Verge’s flagship podcast The Vergecast will be featuring additional new episodes, with each focused on a specific topic usually discussed on our regular Friday shows.

Today, we start our run with a discussion on the reviews we haven’t talked too much about yet on the show: this year’s software and hardware endeavors from Microsoft. In this episode, Dieter hosts a roundtable on reviews for the Microsoft products launched this fall: Windows 11, Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, and Surface Go 3.

Dieter is joined by Verge reviewers Tom Warren, Monica Chin, and Dan Seifert, who have all reviewed the products, respectively.

The show answers questions like: Why does Windows 11 feel unfinished? How do the new Surface products fit in with a new operating system? How flexible of a machine (in both power capability and mode switching) are the new Surfaces for the thin and light class of devices?

You can listen to the full discussion here or on your preferred podcast player.