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Netflix calls Squid Game its ‘biggest ever series at launch’

Netflix calls Squid Game its ‘biggest ever series at launch’


111 million viewers tuned into the series during its first 17 days

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The doll used in the Netflix series Squid Game during a game of Red Light, Green Light.
Image: Netflix

Netflix’s hugely popular series Squid Game has become its biggest title ever at launch, the company said Monday.

The company’s Netflix Geeked account tweeted Monday that Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s survival thriller reached 111 million global accounts in its first 17 days on the service. Additionally, Squid Game is the first Netflix series to surpass 100 million in its first 28 days on the service, a spokesperson told The Verge. Netflix typically uses 28-day windows to measure the performance of a title on its platform.

The spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the figures it shared are based on the number of accounts that watched the series for at least two minutes, its standard metric for ranking titles (though it has used additional measurements to track the success of titles in the past).

Since debuting on Netflix on September 17th, Squid Game has reached the no. 1 position on the streaming service in 94 countries — every country in the world where the service features a top 10 list, the company spokesperson said. Additionally, the show has held the no. 1 position for 21 days in the US, shattering the record for a non-English language title.

Squid Game was previously announced as the first Korean title to reach the top spot in the US.