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Netflix is adding the original Cowboy Bebop so you can watch it all before the live action adaptation

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It begins streaming starting October 21st

An image from Cowboy Bebop.
Image: Netflix

Netflix is adding the original Cowboy Bebop anime series to its catalog on October 21st, giving you about a month to watch it all ahead of the live-action series’ debut on November 19th.

This is great news for me personally. I’ve been extremely intrigued by what Netflix has shown from the live-action series — which so far has included a series of images and the opening title sequence, which is inspired heavily by the one from the anime — but I haven’t seen the original show for myself. Now that the whole show will be on Netflix, I can see it all with a subscription to just one streaming service.

It’s unclear if the move to Netflix means that Cowboy Bebop will be removed from Hulu, Funimation, or any of the other streaming platforms where it’s currently available. It’s also unclear based only on Netflix’s tweet if the show will be updated or remastered in any way.