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Snapchat is back up, after users couldn’t post or send messages for hours

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The company was aware of the issue

The Snapchat white ghost logo on a bright yellow background. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

For a couple of hours on Wednesday morning, Snap Streaks were at risk as many users reported they couldn’t successfully post story updates or send messages on the service. In a tweet, the Snapchat Support Twitter account confirmed the issues, telling people to “hang tight, we’re looking into it!”

The source of the issue was unclear, but this doesn’t seem to be a Facebook-level event. The app itself was still mostly functional for some of us, and if you weren’t trying to post, you may not have noticed anything wrong right away. It also wasn’t crashing constantly, which has been a problem for Snapchat.

At about 10:31AM ET the Snapchat Support Twitter account confirmed the issue is fixed, and everything is working again on our end.

Update October 13th, 11:17AM ET: Updated to reflect that Snapchat is back up.