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Batman is getting another Fortnite comic crossover with one of the game’s most mysterious characters

Batman is getting another Fortnite comic crossover with one of the game’s most mysterious characters


Batman/Fortnite: Foundation is out on October 26th

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Epic and DC Comics are teaming up again for another crossover with the one-shot comic Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1, which will arrive in comic book stores on Tuesday, October 26th. The physical comic will also include a bonus code for a Batman Who Laughs skin (which will also be available for purchase in the in-game store) and an exclusive loading screen.

The new comic will pick up after the six-issue Batman: Zero Point crossover comics released earlier this year. But unlike last time, where the Caped Crusader was transported to Fortnite’s uniquely violent island, in the upcoming Batman/Fortnite: Foundation one-shot, the island — or at least, one of its most mysterious denizens — is coming to face off against Batman in Gotham City:

Returning to Gotham City after the events of Zero Point, Batman is faced with a new mystery and a new arrival. The Foundation, an enigmatic figure from Fortnite Island, emerges from the depths of Gotham Harbor, and the Dark Knight wants to investigate what he is doing in his city. 

The new comic also sounds like it’ll tie even deeper into Fortnite’s burgeoning lore, given the emphasis on The Foundation, a mysterious character who appeared during Fortnite’s season six finale event and helped Agent Jones contain the energy of the exploding Zero Point (that sentence won’t make any sense unless you’ve been following the increasingly elaborate storyline of Fortnite’s second season). The character also appeared at the bottom of a river in the current season eight story trailer, hinting at a return soon — which presumably will tie into the upcoming Batman comic in some fashion.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1 also features a unique list of creatives behind the project: it’s co-written by Epic Games’ chief creative office Donald Mustard, Christos Gage (who wrote the previous Batman/Fornite crossover comics), and Scott Snyder, best known for his elaborate Dark Nights Metal Batman comics (which introduced the villainous Batman Who Laughs character).