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An all-black PS5 sure would go great with Sony’s new midnight black Pulse 3D headset

An all-black PS5 sure would go great with Sony’s new midnight black Pulse 3D headset


It has to happen at some point, right?

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Sony Pulse 3D Audio headset

Sony’s second colorway for the Pulse 3D headset for PS5 and PS4, clad in midnight black instead of white, is coming out this week. It’s the same $99.99 price as before, and nothing is different about it that I’ve noticed, aside from the matte black headband. If you’re one for embracing dark mode in both your apps and devices, you probably know if you want this already.

The Pulse 3D headset was made to be a technical showcase for Sony’s Tempest 3D audio engine built into the PS5 — and it is. At its cost, this model supplies better-than-average sound quality and good positional audio. Games made by PlayStation Studios, like Returnal, Demon’s Souls, Astro’s Playroom, and others, seem to make the most of the 3D audio tech, so try those out if you’re looking for particularly impressive tech demos.

The Pulse 3D is not the only headset that can do this (or even do it well), and you can even get passable results by using headphones you already own, plugged into your DualSense controller. But for people who want a solid wireless headset that charges via USB-C and doesn’t compromise on design, performance, or comfort (its silicone strap keeps the full weight of it from pressing down on your head), the Pulse 3D is an easy, somewhat affordable choice. And, now it comes in a svelte black.


As far as the button layout goes, it might take a while to learn, but I like what’s here. Along the edge of its left ear cup, it has a volume rocker and a rocker for adjusting the game and chat audio mix. You can turn mic monitoring on to hear your own voice coming through the mic, and there’s a mute button. In addition to working via 2.4GHz wirelessly via its included USB-A dongle, it includes a 3.5mm cable that you can use with the DualSense or any other device with a headphone jack.

Sony has been slower to introduce new colors of its headsets than for its DualSense controller, which got midnight black and crimson options a few months after the PS5 launched. But now, with a headset to possibly match your all-black controller, all that’s missing is for Sony to release swappable plates of its own for the PS5 to complete the set.

I’d be remiss not to take this opportunity to consider out loud that Sony has now made multiple colorways for its controller and its headset, yet not for its console’s replaceable shells. You know, the ones that you have to learn how to remove in order to add an M.2 drive to your PS5 for additional storage. I certainly wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to color coordinate my entire suite of PS5 goodies.

It’s a puzzle to me why Sony hasn’t already released its own plates for the PS5, but things haven’t been totally quiet on that topic. Over the weekend, dbrand shared with The Verge that it ended the sale of its Darkplates after Sony threatened to sue the company if it didn’t comply with a cease and desist order. This may or may not mean that Sony is about to release its own plates, but in the short term, it could mean that it may become tougher to find third-party alternatives.