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Want a fully specced-out MacBook Pro? You’ll have to pay more than $6,000

The pricetag is $6,099, to be exact

Apple’s most expensive laptop is, well, expensive.
Image: Apple

Apple announced new M1-equipped MacBook Pros on Monday, and they look like very good upgrades, with powerful chips, adaptive refresh rate displays, the return of some beloved ports, and more. They don’t come cheap, though, with the 14-inch MBP starting at $1,999 and the 16-inch one starting at $2,499.

And if you want to buy the absolute highest-end model, with 64GB of unified memory, 8TB of SSD storage, a 140W USB-C power adapter, and the M1 Max chip, that will cost you a cool $6,099, according to Apple’s online store.

Here’s the cost and specs of the most expensive MacBook Pro.
Image: Apple

That hefty price is the tally before you buy any software for the machine, by the way; Apple helpfully recommends Final Cut Pro ($299.99) and Logic Pro ($199.99) on the MacBook Pro checkout page. Adding those brings the total price just shy of $6,600. Now that Apple has finally revealed the new computers, though, at least you can now know how much you’ll need to pay for the top one.


Correction 7:20PM ET: The top-spec MacBook Pro has an 8TB SSD, not an 8GB one. We regret the error.