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How to watch Google’s Pixel 6 Fall Launch event

How to watch Google’s Pixel 6 Fall Launch event


The pre-recorded event will tell us what we know with maybe room for surprises

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With the number of leaks and pre-announcements for the Google Pixel 6, it may seem like the phones should already be here by now. Thanks to Google, we already know the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro exist, what they will look like, and that they will use a Google-designed CPU. We also have an idea what the camera specs will be, what the new wireless charging stand probably looks like, and even what’s inside, courtesy of a teardown video that has since been removed.

The only thing left is for Google to fill out the remaining details we don’t know and launch the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Google has one of the worst track records for keeping things secret, so perhaps hoping for a surprise or two might be a stretch, but the long-rumored, folding Pixel could still materialize alongside other surprises. The only way to know for sure is to tune in to the company’s Pixel Fall Launch event.

What time does the Pixel 6 event start?

The Pixel 6 event will be a pre-recorded stream airing online at 1PM ET / 10AM PT today, Tuesday, October 19th. You can mark it on your Google Calendar using a handy shortcut on the Pixel Event page. If you’re an iOS user, Google conveniently (and hilariously) includes a .ics file on that same page for your convenience — and because it knows a lot of people use the calendar app built into their iPhone.

Where can I watch the Pixel 6 event?

Google is hosting the event stream, for the general public and press alike, directly on the Pixel Event page. It will most certainly be a YouTube live video, so you can also set a reminder on the embedded video once it’s up. If available, we’ll also add the live video to the top of this post.

You can rest assured that The Verge will be watching and reporting, and you can follow along on our live blog while you watch or if you’re unable to stream the video at work.

Other ways to keep up: