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Amazon Fire TV’s news app expands free local coverage to a lot more places

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259 local stations are now supported

Image: Amazon

Amazon announced today that it’s doubling the number of local stations it supports through its news app on Fire TV, meaning more users will be able to easily find local news coverage for free.

The company said in a blog post that this week’s coverage expansion will make local news available in 158 total US cities. That’s up from coverage in 88 cities following a previous expansion in March. As of today, the number of local stations available through the news app has hiked from 126 to 259.

An Amazon spokesperson clarified that some metro areas offer more than one local station in the Amazon news app on Fire TV. The company said that more than 50 metro areas now offer more than one local news source.

The news app is free and supported on all Fire TV devices, the company said. No extra steps need to be taken to get regional access in your area. Amazon says users can simply navigate to the local news tab from within the news app, and the player will add the station or stations for the closest supported city and automatically dial it in. (Asking Alexa to “play local news” will also launch the app.)

Amazon has pretty quickly expanded its free and local news coverage since launching support in 12 cities last year. Like many free live TV services from streamers including The Roku Channel, Plex TV, and Pluto TV, Amazon’s free and customizable news app is ad-supported.

As of this week, local news coverage will now be supported in Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, and dozens of other cities. The full list of new metro areas that can now watch local news through Fire TV’s news app can be found right here.