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PSA: You can stream Dune a day early on HBO Max

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The spice will flow

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After numerous delays — and considerable vitriol from director Denis Villeneuve himself — Dune is finally about to stream on HBO Max. In fact, it’s arriving a day early: October 21st at 6PM ET / 3PM PT, a rep confirms to The Verge.

Hope you’re hearing soon enough to schedule your watch party! Note that you’ll need to be paying for HBO Max’s $15-a-month ad-free plan, since the $10 plan doesn’t come with day-and-date Warner Bros. movie releases.

We’ve had multiple Dune trailers at this point if you want to know what you’re in for, and you can find two of them embedded below. The Verge’s staff weighed in on the first trailer, and we’ll have a review soon as well.

And if you’d rather watch a 4K restoration of the original cult-classic 1984 David Lynch version, there’s an upcoming 4K Blu-ray of that too. (Though it’s now due out December, not August anymore). The new movie’s characters have made it into Fortnite as well.