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Apple Watch Series 7 launches October 15th, preorders begin on Friday

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Apple’s new watch arrives next week

Apple Watch Series 7 includes a bigger display.
Image: Apple

Apple is opening up preorders for its Apple Watch Series 7 on Friday, October 8th, with the devices set to ship on October 15th. Apple first revealed the Watch Series 7 at an event last month, but the company simply said it would be available later this fall. Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 7 will now begin at 5AM PT / 8AM ET on Friday, October 8th.

The Apple Watch Series 7 includes a display that goes virtually to the edge of the case, with more rounded corners and a softer design. The Series 7 now comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes, up 1mm from the Series 6. The bezels around the display are just 1.7mm, and the always-on mode is 70 percent brighter than the Series 6.

Apple’s new Contour watchface for the Watch Series 7.
Image: Apple

Apple has also created a variety of new watchfaces to take advantage of the larger screens on the Apple Watch Series 7. An improved modular watchface lets you view activity ring details alongside the regular complications found on the regular modular watchface.

The screen size is really the big change to the Apple Watch Series 7, alongside watchOS 8 improvements like better outdoor cycling support, fall support in workouts, and some Fitness Plus upgrades.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will start at $399 and will be sold alongside the Watch Series 3 at $199. If you buy a Watch equipped with cellular service, whether through or directly from a carrier, there’s also a $100 rebate available after activation with T-Mobile/Sprint or Verizon. Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 7 start on October 8th, and devices will start shipping on October 15th.

Update October 4th, 10:45AM ET: Added information regarding cellular activation and rebates.