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Fortnite’s ‘Fortnitemares’ Halloween event will include a spooky short film festival

Fortnite’s ‘Fortnitemares’ Halloween event will include a spooky short film festival


Plus new Halloween game modes and skins

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Fortnite is hosting its third short film festival as part of its annual “Fortnitemares” Halloween event, but with a seasonal twist: the latest Short Nite show will focus on spooky animated short films, dubbed “Shortnitemares,” because there’s nothing people love more than a good portmanteau.

Shortnitemares follows up on the previous two Short Nite film festivals (held over the summer and in February), although the latest iteration is getting a bit of an upgrade: instead of airing in a nonstop loop on the combat-free Party Royale island, Shortnitemares will get a custom-made movie theater from Quantum Builds (which specializes in creating custom Fortnite maps for brand activations) that will offer individual theaters for each short to watch on-demand, in addition to a main room that will show the entire lineup on loop.

Epic hasn’t announced which films or creators will be featured in Shortnitemares (or even a specific date for the event outside of sometime at the end of October), but it promises that it’ll have more news soon.

Epic is also emphasizing the Halloween event much more than usual this year, with new content in the game every day of the month of October. This includes Halloween-themed maps and modes that members of the community created and a slew of classic monster movie costumes like Frankenstein and The Mummy to purchase in the store.

The event will also tie into the storyline of the ongoing season, which already veered toward the spookier side of things with the invasion of the mysterious cubes and a Stranger Things-esque “Sideways” dimension. Fortnitemares will launch a new weapon, additional quests, and a limited-time game mode.

There’s also whatever this skin is, which appears to allow players to dress up as the sinister cubes and use a chunk of the island itself as a weapon: