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Pixel 6’s rumored 23W wireless charging stand and more details leak early

Pixel 6’s rumored 23W wireless charging stand and more details leak early


Alongside confirmation of camera specs and face unlock

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A Pixel 6 handset on its rumored wireless charging stand.
A Pixel 6 handset on its rumored wireless charging stand.
Image: EVLeaks

Leaked images of Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 have given us our best look yet at new features coming to the search giant’s next flagship smartphone. The images, which were leaked by Evan Blass, reveal shots of a second generation Pixel Stand wireless charger, user interface details, and camera specs, and include a mention of face unlock biometric security. They’ve arrived a little under two weeks before the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are due to be officially announced on October 19th.

There’s not much in these pictures that hasn’t already leaked, but what they offer is a better look at the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro’s rumored features. The beefy new Pixel Stand, for example, is believed to support 23W fast charging according to an August leak, which is more than double what was offered by Google’s first-generation 10w wireless charger introduced with the Pixel 3

The wireless changing stand was previously reported to have a built-in fan for cooling, and these images suggest you’ll be able to switch the wireless charger between “Performance mode” and “Quiet mode” depending on whether you prioritize a faster charge or silence. The photos also show the wireless charging interface with shortcuts to media playback and smart home controls.

Less has been reported about the phones’ face unlock functionality, which appears in one image on a settings page titled “Security.” Google previously included face unlock on the Pixel 4, but the feature was entirely absent from the Pixel 5 lineup.

There’s also a shot of the rear of the Pixel 6 Pro, showing off its three-camera setup. Google previously confirmed that the 6 Pro will have an ultrawide and a telephoto flanking the main camera, but this image confirms rumors that they’ll use 12-megapixel, 48-megapixel, and 50-megapixel sensors, respectively. 

Other shots include a look at the phone’s charging brick, which won’t be included in the box, as well as photos of the phone splashed with water, suggesting it’ll have an IP-rating for dust and water resistance. The latter isn’t particularly surprising, since even Google’s mid-range Pixel 5A includes an IP67 rating.

The main feature the images aren’t able to offer any more details on is the Pixel 6’s custom-designed Tensor processor, which Google says will improve the phones’ machine learning capabilities. For those details, we’ll have to wait until the Pixel 6’s official launch later this month.