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Microsoft is releasing a translucent controller for Xbox’s 20th birthday

Microsoft is releasing a translucent controller for Xbox’s 20th birthday


Available on November 15th, but preorders are live

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Xbox wireless controller

Microsoft is celebrating the 20th birthday of Xbox with a couple of new, translucent accessories, including a wireless controller and a wired gaming headset. They’ll launch on November 15th, 2021 — marking 20 years to the day — and preorders are available now.

Starting with the controller, Microsoft says its translucent look is a callback to the see-through controllers that shipped with the original Xbox debug kits. There are splashes of the brand’s signature green on the Xbox home button, as well as around the D-pad and rear grips. Microsoft colored the components silver so they’d be easier to see through its casing. Internally, though, it’s the same model as the one that ships with the Series S and Series X consoles, with Bluetooth support for connecting to mobile devices and PCs. This controller costs $69.99 to preorder through the Microsoft Store, as well as Amazon.

The wired Xbox stereo headset is also getting the translucent treatment, but on a smaller level. Its ear cups are see-through, with a green 20th anniversary marking on the left ear cup. There are also bright green accents on the grilles between the ear pads and cups, as well as on the microphone. This special-edition headset will cost $69.99 from the Microsoft Store and Amazon, as well, which is $10 over the standard model’s pricing. You can read more about this model (sans the cool 20th anniversary design) in our previous coverage here.