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Pinterest hops on the live shopping trend with Pinterest TV

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The series will feature creators and celebrities, like Olympic athlete Tom Daley and popular makeup artist Manny MUA

Pinterest live shopping Photo by Pinterest

Pinterest is diving deeper into the e-commerce game with its upcoming shoppable live series, Pinterest TV, which is set to debut on November 8th. Each episode will star a creator from the platform, airing Monday through Friday at 6PM ET on iOS and Android. Shows will cover different topics every day, ranging from fashion, beauty, home, food, and more.

On Fridays, episodes turn into a QVC-style shopping show, where viewers can purchase exclusive products from different brands, such as Patagonia, Crown Affair, Allbirds, Outdoor Voices, Mented, and Melody Ehsani, using special discounts. Some Pinterest-exclusive shows are already in the works, like Christian On, in which fashion designer Christian Siriano will replicate the most popular fashion-related searches on Pinterest. Meanwhile, Monica Suriyage and food creators from Pinterest will help rescue failed holiday dishes in Unfail My. Other confirmed shows are planned with makeup artist Manny MUA, Olympic athlete Tom Daley, and comedian Robyn Schall.

Every episode will be recorded and available to watch via the TV icon in the top-left corner of the Pinterest app. During the show, you’ll be able to ask questions in the chat and interact with hosts.

Pinterest live shopping show Photo: Pinterest

Aside from Pinterest TV, the platform also notes that it’s debuting a “virtual studio,” in which producers from Pinterest can provide technical support, as well as collaborate with creators to make engaging content. Creators can show off and tag products during their shows, as well as offer exclusive discounts — viewers can then select, view, and purchase the product from the retailer’s site.

Pinterest first began to wade into creator monetization in July of this year, introducing shoppable pins that let creators tag and sell products to earn a cut of the profit. As social media platforms seek more ways to attract influencers and help them make money, live shopping has become a major trend. Amazon helped boost the movement in July 2020 when it added shoppable livestreams from which influencers can profit. Facebook and Instagram debuted live shopping experiences in August 2020 — on top of the Shop pages that both platforms already have.

Pinterest TV is the platform’s answer to live shopping. Since Pinterest is already built around displaying products that users might want, it only makes sense to expand from shoppable pins to engaging live shopping experiences.