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Windows 11 is making it easier to share your screen in Microsoft Teams and other video calls

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Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11 is getting useful

Microsoft Teams share buttons will appear in Windows 11 soon.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is adding a useful new Microsoft Teams integration into Windows 11 soon. The software maker has started testing a feature in Windows 11 that will allow Teams users to hover over open windows on the taskbar and quickly share the window content on a Microsoft Teams call. It will make screen sharing a lot easier for Teams and other communication apps on Windows 11.

Microsoft is testing this initially with Microsoft Teams for work or school rather than the built-in consumer version of Teams in Windows 11. “This means not everyone will see this right away with their Teams calls,” says Amanda Langowski, head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. “We plan to bring this to Chat from Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams for home) later.”

The good news is that this won’t be limited to Microsoft Teams, either. “Other communications applications can also add this capability to their applications,” explains Langowski. “The capability to share your meeting call applies only to your current meeting call.”

That means apps like Slack or Zoom could build this functionality into their apps and make it a lot easier for Windows 11 users to share what’s on their screen during video calls. It’s not clear exactly when Microsoft will deliver this functionality in Windows 11, but it’s likely to appear in early 2022, given the timing of testing.

Microsoft is also only testing this with a subset of Windows Insiders, so having the Dev Channel builds of Windows 11 installed doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to test it just yet.