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Razer’s new Kaira Pro headset will bring the bass to PS5

Razer’s new Kaira Pro headset will bring the bass to PS5


Featuring HyperSense haptics, Bluetooth support, and more

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Razer Kaira headset for PS5
The Kaira lineup for PS5 has leatherette-covered ear cups.

After releasing a fleet of gaming products geared toward Xbox and PC, Razer is finally giving the PS5 a little love with two new Kaira wireless headsets, the $99.99 Kaira and the $199.99 Kaira Pro. They aren’t carbon copies of the Xbox versions, either. Razer made a color palette swap to a white / black colorway, and there’s leatherette covering the ear cups, as opposed to a piece of breathable mesh fabric. But that’s not all.

The more expensive Kaira Pro is the only one of the two models to have HyperSense haptics, which will deliver jolts of vibration to make your games and other content more immersive. Razer recently announced that this feature’s coming to the new (and similarly priced) Kraken V3 Pro that is also made to support PlayStation consoles, in addition to PC and the Nintendo Switch dock. I’ve yet to experience the HyperSense haptics myself, but it could make for an alluring feature stacked on Sony’s 3D Audio tech on the PS5.

Razer Kaira headset for PS5
Both the Kaira and Kaira Pro for PS5 support 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth.
Image: Razer

Razer claims to have dipped the TriForce 50mm drivers in titanium for enhanced audio quality in the Kaira Pro. Regarding the microphone, you’ll get a HyperClear supercardioid mic with the Kaira Pro compared to a cardioid mic with the standard Kaira.

Aside from those perks that come with paying more for Kaira Pro, these headsets have several traits in common, including a SmartSwitch wireless feature that lets them connect to a 2.4GHz dongle or low-latency Bluetooth. They both include the USB-C HyperSpeed audio transmitter, with a USB-A adapter for broader compatibility. I like what Razer’s done here with its new USB-C transmitter; it shifted the jack from the middle (where it was located in a previous iteration) nearly all the way to one side, so you can utilize the PS5’s other front-facing USB-A port for a different accessory.

Razer USB-C dongle
The USB-C jack placement means this dongle won’t extend over the PS5’s USB-A port.
Image: Razer

I anticipate testing these soon, and we’ll see if they give Sony’s $100 Pulse 3D headset a run for its money. The market for made-for-PlayStation headsets is finally heating up, as SteelSeries recently launched its $169.99 Arctis 7P Plus with USB-C charging and better battery life. Though, this Kaira line might get the edge over both of those if you want dual wireless connectivity via 2.4GHz and Bluetooth. The Kaira is available now. As for the Kaira Pro, Razer will begin taking preorders on November 30th, and is aiming to ship them in December.

Correction, 8:14 PM ET, November 17th: Razer’s press release for the Kaira and Kaira Pro erroneously mentioned that the headsets include a 3.5mm jack, but the company followed up to confirm that they support 2.4GHz and Bluetooth only.