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Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available on Linux

Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available on Linux


The stable channel version arrives

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Microsoft is launching the stable version of its Edge browser for Linux this week. While preview versions of Edge for Linux have been available for more than a year, the official launch will now see Edge supported fully on Linux with regular stable channel updates.

If you’re already running preview builds of Edge on Linux, you can get the latest stable version by running the sudo apt install microsoft-edge-stable command. If you’re new to Edge on Linux, then the installer is now available on Microsoft’s website.

Many Linux users will already be using Chrome or Firefox, but Edge is yet another browser option that might work on distros where Chrome isn’t fully supported. Microsoft has also added a number of privacy features to Edge to limit tracking and cookies, and the Linux version of Edge shares most of the same features that are available on Windows and macOS.

You can download Edge for Linux over at Microsoft’s site.