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Hitman 3 VR is coming to PC in 2022

Hitman 3 VR is coming to PC in 2022


The game was previously a PSVR exclusive

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Photo by IO Interactive

Hitman 3 VR will become available on PC next year, according to an announcement by game developer IO Interactive, which outlines the roadmap of content that players can expect in Hitman 3’s second year.

One of the most significant updates is VR support for PC, as the VR version of the game was exclusive to PlayStation VR when it first came out. The accompanying “Year 2” video briefly shows Hitman 3 VR played with both an Oculus Rift S and Valve Index. The experience already looks more immersive than the PSVR version, which only supports the DualShock 4 gamepad and its limited motion controls — this means you can’t even use the more intuitive Move controllers with it.

Aside from Hitman 3 VR arriving on PC, IO Interactive also announced that the game has officially hit 50 million players, making it the most popular Hitman game in the series. In addition, IO Interactive is adding a series of new maps, storylines, and modes next year, along with the permanent addition of Elusive Target Arcade mode and support for ray-tracing on PC.

Hitman 3 VR is coming to PC in January 2022, but details still remain sparse. IO Interactive notes that it will provide more information about the game’s supported platforms and technical specifications before the start of Year 2 on January 20th, 2022.