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Sonos could soon announce a smaller, more affordable Sub Mini subwoofer

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The regular Sub is just too expensive for some people to justify

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Sonos is likely planning to announce a new, smaller, and cheaper subwoofer to join its home theater product lineup. A Redditor spotted mention of a “Sub Mini” right in the Sonos smartphone app, and based on the text, it’s evident that this is a real product and not some mistake or placeholder text. In the screenshot, Sonos describes the Sub Mini as a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer” compared to the large, square, and very pricey Sub.

Most conventional subwoofers are hefty squares or rectangles that people often try to keep out of sight. But cylinder-shaped subwoofers aren’t unheard of. The Sub Mini could resemble something like the below subwoofer from OSD.

This example of a cylindrical subwoofer is made by OSD.
Image: OSD

The third-gen Sub currently retails for $749. And while that’s definitely a high premium to pay, some people who are deep in the Sonos ecosystem would tell you that it’s nearly impossible to overstate what the Sub adds to the sound from an Arc or Beam soundbar. You can even add two of them to a home theater setup if you want to get really wild. (Unfortunately, the screenshot also mentions that the Sub Mini won’t support this double-subwoofer scenario.)

The Sonos iPhone app directly mentions the unannounced Sub Mini.
Image: S114HED (Reddit)

Even if it can’t fully match the growl of a regular Sub, a cheaper Sonos subwoofer would be a welcome addition to the company’s product family and let customers enjoy that fuller, deeper audio from their movies, TV shows, and music.

The Verge has reached out to Sonos for comment on the unannounced Sub Mini. The company reported strong earnings yet again in its latest quarter but has been hit hard by supply chain issues. On the Sonos website, many products are backordered until late December and beyond. The company recently rolled out support for DTS audio to its soundbars, along with battery-saving measures for the portable Sonos Move and Roam speakers.