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Google is working on a more user-friendly way to find files in Drive

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Applications are open to beta test the new search filters

The feature lets you easily filter searches by things like file type.
Image: Google

Google is preparing to beta test new search filters in Google Drive, which will hopefully make it easier to find the exact file you’re looking for. Dubbed “search chips,” the feature adds a line of filters to the top of the Drive interface, letting you limit your search by things like file type, last modification date, or which other users are associated with a specific file.

Google Drive already has some search filtering options, but they’re relatively basic and hidden in a sub-menu in the search bar. In contrast, the new search chips are presented front and center, and they look set to offer a wider range of filtering options. A similar feature was introduced in Gmail early last year.

If you’d like to try out the new Drive search chips beta, Google is directing interested users toward this sign-up form. Search chips will eventually be available to all Google Workspace users, including G Suite Basic and Business customers.