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PSA: Register now to better your chances of getting a PS5 for the holidays

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Sony is apparently hosting a big, invite-only restock today — don’t miss out on the next one

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

All signs point to Sony’s PlayStation store opening the floodgates for yet another PS5 restock today at 2PM ET / 11AM PT. Before you get too excited, however, keep in mind that the chances for just anyone to waltz in and get one at that time are low. That’s because this one is apparently being hosted for people who received invites to purchase a console.

Sony opened up registration for a PS5 invite in mid-October and promised that it would host November restocking events for those lucky enough to have been extended an invite. So for today’s restock, it’s likely that those who registered in October are now having their chance to get a console. If you recall registering a while ago, you should check your inbox now.

Thankfully, all hope isn’t lost if you’re only getting around to registering now. It’s not a first come, first served kind of thing. Getting an invite is actually based on somewhat murky criteria including previous interests and PlayStation activity. Head to this registration page, sign in with your PlayStation Network ID, and register. Also, make sure you use the same email you used with your PSN ID to opt in to receive PlayStation marketing emails. You can do that by heading to this page, clicking “Notifications” within the list of options, and making sure the box next to “Receive Email Notifications” is checked.

There’s speculation happening that there may be some consoles available to the public from Sony’s site starting at 5PM ET, too, but I’d consider your chances of lucking out to be low at best. Hey, there’s no harm in giving it a shot, at least. Good luck today and later on in November as we get closer to Black Friday.