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Spotify Wrapped 2021 is here to take over your social media

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is here to take over your social media


You can share it to TikTok and interact with other Spotify listeners with blended playlists or a card game

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Spotify Wrapped 2021
Spotify Wrapped 2021
Image: Spotify

Spotify has released its eagerly anticipated Wrapped experience revealing the most listened to artists and albums for (most of) 2021. This year, it’s adding even more social media-friendly features that help you share your favorite music with a customized movie, aura, or playing cards. Naturally, you can share Spotify’s auto-created images on your timeline and, for the first time, directly to TikTok. It’s sure to spark discussions with friends and provide valuable marketing for Spotify that competitors like Apple and YouTube can’t seem to match.

Here’s how to find your Spotify 2021 Wrapped experience. To get all of the interactive features, you’ll need to open the Spotify mobile app — it’s not available on the desktop or web version. If you’re on an iPhone or Android device, just click this link and it should open the correct page inside the app. If you’re not seeing it yet, try refreshing the app.

If you don’t have Spotify or aren’t seeing it yet, these are some of the new features it’s added in 2021 to promote sharing:

The Movie feature gives you selected songs for your biopic formatted for your opening credits theme, the moment of reflection, the dance-off, or the big game.

Three phones showing Spotify Wrapped’s new feature 2021 the movie
Spotify’s new 2021: The Movie feature.
Image: Spotify

Spotify users can also get a visualization of their audio aura based on their top two music moods.

Three phones showing Spotify Wrapped’s new feature audio aura
Spotify’s new audio aura feature.
Image: Spotify

Spotify also released a data-based game that you can play and share with your friends called Playing Cards. In the style of two truths and a lie, players can look at statements about another user’s listening history and guess which one is a lie.

Three phones showing Spotify Wrapped’s new feature playing cards
Spotify’s new Playing Cards feature.
Image: Spotify

Spotify is also using Wrapped to expand the blend feature that was released this year by letting users blend their Spotify Wrapped and share the results on social media. Also available is Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped hub, which includes both personalized and editorially curated content and playlists.

Other than TikTok, Wrapped cards are directly shareable to Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

So what about people who don’t use Spotify? Apple Music users like me can’t enjoy Spotify Wrapped, but we have access to Apple Music Replay which includes a compilation of a user’s most played songs and lists most listened to artists and albums, plus an option to listen to playlists dating back to 2015. Of course, if you’re seeking your own unique version of today’s Wrapped interactive experience, then 2021 is just another year reminding you of what you’re missing.

Other music streaming services like YouTube Music and Tidal have released their own versions to commemorate a user’s listening history. 9to5Google points out that some YouTube Music subscribers have spotted a 2021 Recap that includes playlists and stats. Tidal released its My 2020 Rewind feature last year on December 1st but has yet to release an updated 2021 version. As far as other streaming services, they might be waiting until the end of December to take a look back on the past year.