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Xbox is letting more people test the very latest console features

Xbox is letting more people test the very latest console features


The Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead ring is accepting more members

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft is opening up its invite-only Xbox testing rings for more console testers to get access to the very latest features. Xbox testing includes many levels, and the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings typically include the bleeding edge of Xbox dashboard features that may not debut publicly for months.

Microsoft keeps these Alpha rings invite-only, reserved for those who regularly provide feedback through other Xbox testing rings. Now, Microsoft is inviting Xbox testers to complete a survey to be considered for the Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead rings.

“You will receive a notice on your console if you are selected to participate,” says Austin Olney, an Xbox program manager. “There are limited spots available, so completing the survey does not guarantee an invitation. You also might be selected for a different ring than what you indicated in the survey.”

The survey is available in the Xbox Insider Hub app, and Microsoft says it doesn’t matter what ring you’re in for testing right now or how long you’ve been a part of its Xbox Insider program.

Microsoft has been testing a bunch of new Xbox dashboard features with Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead testers over the past 12 months, including the early release of the Edge Chromium browser. If you’re interested in trying out the very latest features, then Skip-Ahead has the most updates, but be warned there are occasional bugs that often sneak into these builds that can affect games or apps.