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Sony’s new PS5 faceplates come in black and colorful options

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You can now get an all-black PS5

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Sony is finally announcing its own custom covers for the PS5. The console covers will be available in black, red, pink, blue, and purple, and will work on both the regular PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. Sony is releasing the black and red PS5 console covers in January in most markets where the PS5 is sold, with the other colors to follow in the first half of 2022.

The new covers are designed to match the colors found on new pink, blue, and purple DualSense controller options. These new colors will be available in January, with the purple version being sold in the UK, US, and Germany through Sony’s PlayStation direct early access program. Other retailers will stock the purple DualSense controller on February 11th.

Sony’s new DualSense colors.
Image: Sony

Sony is also planning to offer the PS5 black cover on January 21st at its PlayStation direct online store, with availability at other retailers on February 18th. The PS5 covers will be available for $54.99, and the new controller options are priced at $74.99, and some of them are available for preorder through Amazon.

Sony’s announcement of new console covers comes just weeks after the company patented its PS5 faceplates. Sony has been caught up in legal action against multiple third-party companies that have sold black faceplates. DBrand faced legal action from Sony, forcing the company to pull its faceplates and replace them days later with a new design and a marketing campaign that mocked Sony’s team of lawyers.

Sony’s black PS5 faceplates.
Image: Sony

Update, December 13th 8:30AM ET: Article updated with pricing information.