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Inscryption mod makes the game’s best part endlessly replayable

Inscryption mod makes the game’s best part endlessly replayable


Kaycee’s Mod adds new cards, a challenge mode, and a new boss

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Inscryption, my game of the year, Polygon’s game of the year, and what should be your game of the year, is getting a free mini update that gives its fans exactly what they want — a way to endlessly play the game’s first act.

Kacyee’s Mod, available now as a playable beta, adds new cards, items, and a difficulty modifier that make Inscryption’s already challenging card game even spicier. Daniel Mullins, the creator of Inscryption, says he made this mod in response to fans’ overwhelming support of the game.

“This mini-expansion is in part an expression of my gratitude,” Mullins wrote on Steam. “I have received countless requests for an endlessly playable version of Part 1 that emphasizes Leshy’s deckbuilding roguelike as a standalone experience.”

Part one of Inscryption locks you in a cabin with a vicious woodsman who will only release you if you beat him in a succession of card games. Through progress across three maps and solving an assortment of escape-room style puzzles, players earn new cards, enhance current cards, and assemble a collection of items that can turn a lost game in your favor sometimes at a gruesome price. Players familiar with Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone will recognize their elements in Inscryption. The cards you use to beat the woodsman have attack and life values and unique abilities that synergize with one another to create devastatingly overpowered combos that are an utter delight to assemble and trigger.

From beginning to end, Inscryption is a shining achievement in storytelling and gameplay, and Inscryption’s first act is the strongest, most compelling, most addictingly fun part of that achievement. In my review, I lamented that the game ended, wishing there was some way to set the game on an endless loop of deckbuilding and boss fights. Kaycee’s Mod is an answer to my and many others’ wish.