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Google TV adds more than 300 free channels to its live tab with Pluto TV

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Free streaming baked right into the live tab

Google TV is adding yet another cord-cutting option to its live TV tab. With the addition of Pluto TV, Google TV users now have even more live TV channels to choose from.

Beginning today, Google TV will now support Pluto TV within the live TV tab, meaning users can easily access more than 300 free channels from the platform’s primary live TV hub. Pluto TV is the fourth streaming service to grab a spot on Google TV’s tab. Previously, Google TV supported YouTube TV, Philo, and Sling — all of which require paid subscriptions.

Technically Google TV already offers plenty of free live TV services through its apps, but baking an ad-supported service directly into the live tab is a much easier way to find live and linear coverage. Plus, rival streamer Roku already supports free live TV through its Roku Channel experience.

In addition to adding Pluto TV to its live tab, new Google TV users can also claim six months of Peacock Premium for free (after which time, it’ll cost $5 a month). Peacock Premium gives users access to originals, live sports, on-demand movies, and series, as well as WWE programming.

Google said in a blog post that the new Pluto TV integration will be supported on all Google TV devices within the coming weeks, with more free streaming options on the way in 2022.