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Now you can listen to recorded Twitter Spaces on iOS, Android, and the web

Now you can listen to recorded Twitter Spaces on iOS, Android, and the web


Spaces become more like podcasts

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is now letting all users across iOS, Android, and web listen to recordings of Spaces, which can come in handy for listeners who are late to a live broadcast. This comes after Clubhouse rolled out recordings for its audio-only chatrooms in September.

Twitter is also giving “some” hosts the ability to record Spaces on iOS and Android. Previously, only iOS users could listen to and record Spaces.

Hosts can start recording a Space by toggling on the “Record Space” option. When recording is enabled, a (REC) icon will appear for the host and participants — listeners will see the icon, too, although they won’t be displayed in the recording. After the Space ends, hosts can see how many people were in the Space and tweet out a link to the recording. Hosts can choose the time that the Space starts playing as well, allowing hosts to edit out any silence at the beginning of the recording.

On Twitter’s help center, the platform notes that recordings will be publicly available when a recording-enabled Space ends. The only way to make a recording private is to delete it. Keep in mind that Twitter holds onto recordings for 30 to 120 days to check for rule violations.

Twitter has been continually expanding its audio-only chatrooms since the feature’s launch in 2020. In September, Twitter started letting hosts add up to three Topics to their Spaces, such as Music, Gaming, and Entertainment, giving listeners the ability to find Spaces that align with their interests. It also started launching Ticketed Spaces on iOS for hosts to charge listeners for entry and later began offering a Spaces accelerator program that provides creators with resources to promote their Spaces.