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The tall lady in Resident Evil Village is taller than the tallest recorded human

The tall lady in Resident Evil Village is taller than the tallest recorded human


And taller than some elephants

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Lady Dimitrescu.
Lady Dimitrescu.
Image: Sony

If you’ve been following recent news about Resident Evil Village, the next game in the hit horror video game franchise, you may have heard about Lady Dimitrescu, a very tall woman / probably-vampire who has become very popular.

Seriously, she’s tall — just look at this GIF from Sony. Lady Dimitrescu towers over the other women / probably-vampires in this scene.

A lot of people have wondered exactly how tall Lady Dimitrescu is, apparently, and Kotaku’s Ash Parrish even went to great lengths to estimate that Lady Dimitrescu is 96 inches tall (8 feet). On Monday evening, though, the official Resident Evil Twitter account revealed that Parrish wasn’t even close.

If you include her hat and high heels, Lady Dimitrescu officially stands at a giant 2.9 meters tall, which equates to a height of approximately 9 feet and 6 inches, according to Tomonori Takano, Resident Evil Village’s art director.

That sounds terrifyingly tall to me — I’m nearly six feet tall, so I’d crane my neck trying to look her in the eye. (I guess that’s the perfect way to get me to expose my neck so she can chomp down on my jugular.)

But myself and a few of my colleagues wanted to get a better idea of just how tall that really is. Here are just a few comparisons:

Basically, she’s really, really tall. But I have just one more question — when Lady Dimitrescu takes off her hat and kicks off her shoes after a long day of hunting humans, how tall is she then? Guess we’ll just have to play Resident Evil Village to see if this very important mystery gets answered.

The game’s out on May 7th, so we won’t have too much longer to wait.