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Netflix is turning iconic series Redwall into a TV show, film

Netflix is turning iconic series Redwall into a TV show, film


Redwall Abbey makes its movie debut

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Redwall, Brian Jacques’ fantasy novels about heroic anthropomorphic animals, is coming to Netflix in a new film and TV show. The company announced on Twitter that Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale is helming the project. The movie will be based on the series’s first book, Redwall, while the TV show will tackle the story of Martin the Warrior.

Jacques, who died in 2011, published Redwall in 1986. The book follows a young mouse monk, Matthias, as he defends Redwall Abbey from an invading rodent army. Matthias’ story is deeply linked to Martin’s, a legendary warrior whom he idolizes. Although Redwall has been previously made into a TV show, Variety reports that the Netflix deal is the first time the same company has held rights to the entire series. It’s also the first time Redwall has gotten a movie adaptation.

Netflix hasn’t released any additional details about the adaptations, including who will play key voice roles or when it will be released. The Redwall series spans 22 novels, with the last published posthumously in 2011.