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I Miss My Bar is like audio therapy for barflies

I Miss My Bar is like audio therapy for barflies


Enjoy hearing some nostalgic sounds

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Art from I Miss My Bar

Sure, you can drink at home with some music on, but that doesn’t replicate the feeling of being out at a bar among friends and total strangers. As it turns out, nothing can, other than... well, being at a bar.

But a project called I Miss My Bar, via, comes the closest to making me feel like I’m at my local watering hole — loud voices, street sounds, and all. The only element missing is the trademark bar scent of booze mixed with cleaning products. You know the smell.

Anyway, head to I Miss My Bar, where, unlike real life, you can choose just how loud everyone is talking. You can also tweak the volume of a number of different sound effects that might make you even more nostalgic for better times, like the clinks of a bartender working, corks being popped, liquid being poured into a glass, the rain pattering on a window, horns honking outside, you get the idea — the normal commotion of pre-pandemic gatherings.

This project was kicked off by Maverick, a bar out of San Pedro Garza García, Mexíco. It was developed and designed by two companies, Lagom and Tandem, that operate out of the same city, so it’s less of a fan project and more of an ad campaign of sorts. Nevertheless, folks who work at that bar are updating the playlist on the site each week, and I already like what I’m seeing here. This particular week is hosting nothing but David Bowie, and if you want to subscribe to its playlist on Spotify, you can do that right here.

Once you’re all settled, hop on Zoom or your preferred video chat app, and try to relive some of the good times with friends and family. Cheers.