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Thanks, I love NOAA’s satellite-themed Valentine’s Day cards

Thanks, I love NOAA’s satellite-themed Valentine’s Day cards


10 percent chance of precipitation, 100 percent chance of romance

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Image: NOAA

Let’s be honest, when most people think of places to get good Valentine’s Day cards, the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Twitter account is probably not high up on the list. And yet, it’s posted some cards on the NOAA Satellites account, and I think they’re absolutely fantastic.

Finding a Valentine’s Day card that comes across as sincere is always challenging. Most of the cards on store shelves just come across as clichéd. The ones from NOAA, however, are adorable. And despite their kind of meme-y aesthetic, it really seems like someone sat down and put some effort into them.

That’s not to say they’re not corny — the levels of corniness would probably make the US Department of Agriculture blush — but they’re just so delightfully nerdy in a way I think someone who was really into satellite tech would appreciate (though that may be a pretty small audience).

If you want more, NOAA apparently made some last year, too. That batch may contain my favorite of the bunch, which reads:

Violets are blue
And roses are red
NOAA’s satellites watch
Earth’s weather overhead

They sure do.

This discovery did lead to one disappointment, though: I couldn’t find many other government agencies making their own themed Valentine’s Day cards. (I’m especially bummed that my personal favorite, the National Park Service, hasn’t made anything.)

However, there is one other agency spreading the love: the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. We’ve written before about how it has a... uh, unique Twitter presence. And while I can’t say its V-Day posts tugged at my heartstrings like NOAA’s did, they’re definitely On Brand.

I’m very thankful to the US government for bailing me out here because I didn’t remember to buy a Valentine’s Day card until I saw these. It’s also very cold outside (I know this thanks to NOAA’s weather satellites), so now I don’t even have to leave the house to get one. And appropriately grateful conversation heart candy will be in the mail.