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Corsair grows its roster of streaming brands with Visuals by Impulse

Corsair grows its roster of streaming brands with Visuals by Impulse


It’s another smart move into the streaming space

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Today, gaming peripheral brand Corsair is announcing that it has purchased streaming visuals company Visuals by Impulse (VBI), which it’s organizing under its other streaming brand, Elgato. If reading that makes your eyes cross, don’t worry — all it means is that some of the biggest names in streaming technology have come together under Corsair’s roof. Think of the consolidation like a one-stop shop.

It’s a smart move on Corsair’s part, too. The company scooped up Elgato — the biggest name in streaming tech — in 2018, and then a year later, it picked up Origin PC, which makes custom prebuilt PCs, and SCUF Gaming, which makes custom professional-grade controllers.

This month’s acquisition of VBI means Corsair now has a complete set of products related to streaming: you can get everything from a streaming PC to a suite of custom visuals under one larger roof.

“With the addition of Visuals by Impulse to the Elgato family, we’re excited to extend our core mission of empowering content creators. Design is a crucial element shaping a creator’s identity, and VBI has been at the forefront of making beautiful and interactive design accessible to anyone,” wrote Julian Fest, SVP and general manager at Elgato, in a press release. “Together with the talented team at VBI, we plan to push the boundaries of what design can mean for creators.”

If nothing else, Corsair’s consolidation is convenient. It’ll be interesting to see what the company buys next.