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Sonos confirms March 9th product launch, hints at smaller portable speaker

Whatever the new product is can probably fit in that bag

Image: Sonos

Sonos will announce its next new product on March 9th, the company confirmed today. The invite for the launch shows a person out in a field — strongly hinting that the device will be portable. My guess is it’s something that would fit in that shoulder bag. A recent Federal Communications Commission filing from Sonos revealed that it’s preparing to release what looks like a smaller battery-powered speaker. Documents show the device to use Bluetooth and have a wireless charging stand much like the existing Sonos Move, which sells for $399.

Sonos is also developing a pair of premium noise-canceling headphones, which recently made another appearance at the German Patent and Trademark Office. It looks like the design is almost final, and those would also fit the outdoor nature of this invite. But Sonos CEO Patrick Spence specified on the company’s latest quarterly earnings call that there’s only one new product coming in March. So it’s going to be one or the other. My money would be on the speaker being more likely, but we’ll see.

The most recent hardware releases from Sonos include the Sonos Arc soundbar with Dolby Atmos, the Sonos Five (a revamped version of the Play:5 speaker), and a refreshed Sonos Sub.