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Nomad’s rugged leather iPhone 12 cases now come with MagSafe

Nomad’s rugged leather iPhone 12 cases now come with MagSafe


A more durable leather MagSafe case

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Nomad has updated its lineup of rugged leather iPhone cases for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 mini with the much-anticipated addition of support for Apple’s MagSafe charging standard.

At $59.95 for the regular case or $79.95 for the folio-style one, the Nomad cases aren’t cheaper than, say, Apple’s official leather MagSafe cases. In fact, they’re actually $10 more than Nomad’s original line of iPhone 12 cases, which look virtually identical from the outside. (The new MagSafe cases will replace the older models once stock runs out, the company says.)

But the Nomad cases are more solidly put together than Apple’s own offerings. As the “rugged” in the name suggests, the Nomad models feature a plastic shell and rubber frame that promises to protect the phone against drops from up to 10 feet. That protection does come at a cost, though: only the back of the case is actually covered with leather (which is the same Horween leather that Nomad uses on its other products). In 2017, my colleague Dan Seifert said the iPhone X version of the case “feels more like a leather skin on top of a rubber case than a full leather experience.”

The standard Rugged Leather case is available in three colors: black, brown, and natural leather, while the Rugged Folio case comes in black and brown. Both models are available to order today from Nomad’s website.