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Dbrand’s matte black PS5 side panels are now available for both models

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The digital model joins the party

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Image: Dbrand

Skin company Dbrand is now selling its blacked-out PlayStation 5 “Darkplates” for the digital edition of the console. The company released the panels for the disk version of the console last week, but now they’re available for people who have said goodbye to physical media as well. At time of writing, Dbrand is estimating that the digital edition plates will ship in May, and they cost $60.95.

The “Darkplates” are designed to replace the PS5’s standard (and striking, but not necessarily in a good way) white side panels with matte black ones instead. The company is also sticking with its typically aggressive marketing style by replicating Sony’s texture patterning, but with images of Dbrand’s logo instead. If you’re lucky enough to have the console, are looking to make it blend in a bit more, and don’t mind scrolling through some cringe (or cool, depending on your tastes) marketing, you can check out the Darkplates store page.