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Disney Plus went down for some subscribers right when WandaVision’s new episode hit

Disney Plus went down for some subscribers right when WandaVision’s new episode hit


Reports of the outage lasted anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes

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Some Disney Plus users trying to watch WandaVision the minute it landed were met with loading issues as outage problems affected the streaming platform.

A number of accounts mostly located on the West Coast of the United States were affected by a surge in traffic on the platform that caused an outage of roughly 10 minutes, according to the company. Reports about the length of the outage ranged on Twitter, with some people experiencing problems for closer to 30 minutes, leading to trending topics with names like “NOT DISNEY” and “DISNEY+ DOWN.

Other reports from people on the East Coast and in the UK also made rounds. Concerns about issues with the specific episode, like encoding problems, are false, according to the company. A screenshot of Down Detector for Disney Plus can be seen below. The outage peaked around 3:05AM ET.

Screenshot of Disney Plus going down, via Down Detector.
Screenshot of Disney Plus going down, via Down Detector.
Image: Down Detector

This is not the first time that Disney Plus has faced loading issues. When the service launched, alongside the premiere of The Mandalorian’s first episode, reports of Disney Plus not loading circulated social media. Since then, the app has remained mostly fine, with few reports of widespread outages.

Other Disney streaming platforms, however, have faced outage issues. Most recently, a number of customers using ESPN Plus to watch UFC 257 faced ongoing outage issues leading up to the main title fight. A Disney spokesperson told The Verge on January 24th that teams were “aware that a technical issue prevented a portion of users from accessing the early part of the ESPN+ pay-per-view event, and we apologize for that experience.”

“We worked as quickly as possible to identify and resolve the issue,” the spokesperson added.

While WandaVision isn’t the same thing as a Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier fight, the show is one of the most popular series around the world, according to data from Parrot Analytics supplied to The Verge. Over the last couple of weeks, the show has become 90.9x as popular (or more in-demand) than the average show globally, analyst Wade Payson-Denney told The Verge. It is a top show in 10 different countries on five different continents. So, yes — WandaVision is popular.

Image: Parrot Analytics

The show has also landed on Nielsen’s most-watched list of streaming originals, seeing millions of streams between the first and second week of the show’s debut. While Nielsen ratings aren’t perfect (they only measure viewership in the United States and don’t count certain methods of watching like on tablets), it goes to show that WandaVision’s weekly release strategy is working. The first two episodes averaged between 6.5 million and 8.5 million streams, depending on how many people watched the end credits all the way through, according to Nielsen data.

This doesn’t fully explain why WandaVision went down this week and not in other weeks prior, or why The Mandalorian’s season 2 finale didn’t cause the streaming platform to stutter. It’s possible Disney ensured that servers were better prepared for the finale because of expected viewership, and it could be that WandaVision’s weekly viewing at exactly 12AM PT / 3AM ET was unexpected, even by Marvel’s standards. What we do know from the House of Mouse is that it mainly affected West Coast accounts for a short period of time.